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Why pay hundreds of dollars to advertise a job nationally if you will really only consider local applicants? Recruiting locally not only saves you time and money: It is also in the best interest of our communities and the environment. It helps avoid commuting, which is a major contributing factor behind environmental damage, failed social relations, and tax spending.

Let us connect you with motivated candidates in your area, and save yourself hundreds of dollars in the process. Click here to learn about our job advertising options.

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About the Vicinity Jobs Network

Vicinity Jobs is a network of regional community employment and news portals whose mission is to help Canadians to find work close to their homes and avoid long-distance commuting and relocations. Each Vicinity Jobs web site is an Internet Search Engine providing easy access to local job postings published on hundreds of national, local, and corporate web sites. We also encourage local employers to recruit locally, by offering employers advanced community recruitment advertising services at very competitive prices.

We see long-distance commuting as more than a personal nuisance. We think that it is the reason behind various social, environmental, and financial issues. If you commute 3 hours a day, you have 3 hours less to spend with your family and friends. If you drive 100 kilometers a day, you cause more pollution than if you drive 10 kilometers, even if you drive a very fuel-efficient car. Maintaining the infrastructure to accommodate mass commuting costs many tax dollars each year. If you work close to home, we all benefit.