Vicinity Jobs

Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy


You are the owner of the content of all content that you publish on Vicinity Jobs, and you are responsible at all time for ensuring that any content that you provide meets the acceptable use policy, as outlined below:

Acceptable Job Postings Content

The content of any Job postings regardless of their type must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • The job is physically located in the geographic region of the web site that you are submitting it to or in immediate proximity to it;
  • The job offers a clearly defined financial compensation;
  • The posting is not for a ''Work From Home'' position (regular jobs allowing employees to occasionally work from home are accepted, if the employee can choose to work in your office);
  • Applicants do not have to pay in order to apply for the job or to be hired;
  • No part of your ad's content can be considered offensive or unethical;
  • No MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or ''get-rich-fast'' schemes;
  • The position does not involve activities that are illegal in Canada.
  • The position does not involve nudity or promotion of nudity;
  • The position does not involve violence or promotion of violence;
  • Employment Opportunities Only - No ''Start your own business'' ads.
  • NO DUPLICATES - one active ad per job opening is allowed at all times

Acceptable Content - General Rules

Any content (text or images) published as part of your job postings and referred to as 'Advertising Message' in the text below is subject to the following:

  • The content may not include offensive, racist, sexist, or defamatory content.
  • The content may not contain misleading statements.
  • The content may not be illegal according to the law of Canada or any Canadian province.
  • The content, including any artwork, may not violate copyright laws: If you are using someone else's work, make sure you can prove that you have explicit permission from the author to do so;
  • Your message and any web sites that your ad links to may only contain family-friendly content. Content that is NOT family-friendly includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Adult content, as well as any content involving nudity;
    • Violent content;
    • Any other content that an average parent would not want their child to see.

No Charge for Updating Ads

You can update your ads at any time, using our self-service tools. Content updates do not involve charges and do not require re-publishing of your ad if the ad is online already.

Should you change the content of an existing ad that you have published online, the modifications will take effect immediately upon you saving your updates, and the updated content will be displayed to visitors of this web site.

However, any updates are subject to the content restrictions listed above.

Expiry of Job Postings

Job postings expire after a period of 30, 45, or 60 days following the first time when they are posted, depending on the type of job posting you have selected. You can activate or deactivate your posting at any time during this period. Postings that are still active 30/45/60 days after the time when they are posted will expire automatically.