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CANADIAN RECRUITMENT TRENDS Marian Bernard, Certified Professional Resume Writer, Jun 29,2007

About Author

Marian Bernard, CPS, CPRW, JCTC, CEIP is Principal of the Aurora-based Regency Group – Canada’s only while-you-wait resume-writing service. She opened Regency in 1985, and has since become Ontario’s first Certified Professional Resume Writer and 1 of only 8 Certified Employment Interview Professionals in Canada. Log onto her web-site at or call her at 905-841-7120.

As a loyal member of Career Professionals of Canada (, I attend our annual Spring conference in Mississauga, Ontario so that I can impart valuable – and correct – information to better serve the job-seeking public. Three top recruiters from PIVOTAL Action Force, Feldman Gray & Associates, and Career Connections Inc. revealed what Canadian recruiters and employers seek in both new-hires and their accompanying resumes.

Major Trends

  • Since 2003, recruitment growth has been dramatic. This stems from the aging workforce and a perceived lack of management talent

  • Companies are hiring contract workers, who are typically retained in light of huge corporate upheavals

  • Contracts are always renewable – either from the employer’s or contractor’s perspective

Recruiter Pet Peeves

  • A candidate who comes in unprepared because they either lack proper interview skills or do not possess a job-winning resume

  • A candidate who asks, “Should I come in as though our meeting is an interview?” As the well-known shampoo commercial states, “You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression”, and candidates run the risk of being eliminated for plum opportunities

  • A candidate who is not suitably dressed. Even in our somewhat relaxed business climate with dress-down Fridays, it is better to be slightly overdressed in a business suit than to be embarrassed by your lack of attention to protocol or detail