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Career change: Is it right for you? Samantha Timbers, Employment Facilitator, Newmarket Employment Resource Centre

About the Author

Samantha Timbers is an Employment Facilitator at the Newmarket Employment Resource Centre.
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In your last position, did you feel you were doing what you loved to do? Were you excited about heading off to work everyday ... or did the Monday morning blues arrive on Sunday afternoon? If you are one of those people who dreaded going to work, perhaps it was because you were not in the right type of work for you.

You are not alone! Many job seekers are looking for a new direction.

However, most people do not know how to go about finding the job which is right for them -- where to go for support -- or even if the entire process is feasible. Unfortunately, people expect that changing careers should come with the same amount of effort as changing your mind. It takes determination, motivation and the will to change and explore options, but it is do-able. You can access assistance with your career change from professionals at Employment Resource Centres.

A career changer needs to discover where their passion lies, determine which skills and abilities can be transferred, and learn how to market those skills. Time and effort to do the work is necessary to make the change. When you consider that we often spend more time at work than with our families, don't you think that this effort would be a valuable use of your time?

Most of us will work into our 60's. We don't have the ''freedom of 55''. So the question is: How do we find out what we want to be when we grow up when we're already grown up? The Newmarket Employment Resource Centre offers a ''180 Turnaround'' seminar to help you in situations such as this. Visit the Newmarket Employment Resource Center to find out if a career change is right for you. Or give us a call at 905-952-0502 to find out more.

It is never too late to make a change. If you are going to work ... why not be happy doing it?

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