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Coping With the Stress of Being Unemployed and The Holidays Sue Vanderwouw, Job Developer with Job Skills

About the Author

Sue Vanderwouw, Job Developer with Job Skills, has over 20 years experience in the employment industry and has seen many changes in hiring practices.

With the holiday season fast approaching your stress level is increasing because you have yet to secure employment, and you can guarantee that somewhere, somehow this topic will come up. When friends and family get together over the holidays someone is bound to ask, ''how is work or how the job is searching going''? There is no way to avoid the topic, you will be put on the spot and trying to cope with your emotions and answer that dreaded question, of how you have lost your job or you still have not found employment.

Honesty is the best policy, and telling family and close friends in advance, is the best practice and letting them know that you are struggling with the situation. This day and age most everyone has had to deal with this type of situation in their career. People easily emphasize with your predicament and who knows, may provide you with some insight or possibly a contact in their network that you could pursue in the New Year.

The financial stress of being unemployed over the holidays also carries its toll as well with the expectation of gift giving and hosting or attending elaborate parties and functions. When it comes to family and loved ones they will understand if there isn't an abundance of gifts under the tree from you.

When it comes to the elaborate family dinner, consider being the host and invite family to a potluck and open your home and you will be the one dealing with the preparation of the large crowd and the clean up after. For family members that are working fulltime taking that stress away will be an absolute blessing.

Getting the emails that former coworkers and friends are meeting for dinner and a drink over the holidays? Don't decline, stay connected. Join them and have coffee and use the excuse that you are between engagements and just wanted to stop in to wish everyone Happy Holidays. With Ride Programs out in full force that time of year no one will even question you just having a coffee.

Disappointing your children Christmas morning can be the biggest stress of all. Include your children in what's happening if they are old enough to understand, if they are not they probably they won't even notice the limited finances. Make plans with your kids to enjoy the holidays, plan to go skating, sledding or a board game night, ten years from now they will remember those moments and not what was under the tree.

Don't abandon your job search over the holidays keep job searching, however do enjoy the time with family and friends and remember to stay positive and focused. The greatest gift you can give anyone is your time and love.

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