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How Do I Best Market Myself in my Job Search as a Mature Worker? Tracy Watson, Training Facilitator at JobSkills

About the Author

Tracy Watson has been facilitating workshops for adults and children for over 10 years and has a real passion for helping people. Tracy is currently working for Job Skills as a training facilitator for workshops that help clients with the tools they need to successfully find meaningful and fulfilling employment. She has developed and delivered a variety of workshops including resumes, cover letters, tapping into the hidden job market, interview strategies, labour market research and social networking.

Being a job seeking boomer you are probably worried that you might be discriminated against because of your age. How does one get a job in today's fiercely competitive job market? One thing for sure is to stop paying attention to all of those surveys and statistics. Your energy is better spent by focusing on your attitude, putting a smile on your face, building those critical business relationships and polishing your appearance. Don't forget, you have a vast amount of experience and employers would be lucky to have you! In the end, it is all about the unique value you have in order to solve prospective employers' problems, which is what employers are looking for from every job candidate, no matter what their age.

Here are some ways to combat age discrimination:

  1. Keep up to date on software Job Skills or similar non-profit organizations in your home community can help you with upgrading your skills for free

  2. Don's put your date of birth or the year you graduated from school on your resume, leave them blank

  • Only list the last 10-15 years of employment history on your resume

  • Make sure your personal email address does not contain the year you were born or your age

  • Employers do judge books by their cover. Keep your look up-to-date by looking current with regards to your clothing and accessories, eyewear, your hairstyle and don't forget about your polished smile.

  • Networking

    Because of your age and experience, you have already built up a network of people who know and respect you. Chances are, people in your network may also be looking for work or they know someone who is looking for good help. You can help each other to move ahead with your careers. Your network is key for you right now and it's something that younger workers usually don't have.

    Don't be discouraged about your age and job searching. Looking for a job is never easy but you will succeed. Your network as well as your knowledge and experience, along with your solid skills and work ethic will see you through.

    If you would like assistance in making your job search more effective, please visit your local employment services office like ''Job Skills'', located in Ontario's York region (similar services are provided by other non-profit organizations in most communities). Sign up for their workshops that teach you how to enhance your resume and skills, and workshops that focus on job search techniques.

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