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How to Find a Summer Job Tom Hollands, Facilitator, Job Skills - Employment and Business Programs and Supports

About the Author

Tom has over 10 years of diverse experience in the Career Counselling field in a variety of areas including facilitating, case management, career exploration, summer jobs and career counselling youth. After changing careers in 2001, Tom attended the George Brown College, Career and Work Counsellor Program. Having changed careers himself, Tom brings a unique perspective and passion to his work. An accomplished facilitator, Tom has developed and delivered a variety of workshops including resumes, cover letters, tapping into the hidden job market, career exploration and much more. Certified in the use of a variety of career assessment tools, Tom assists clients to find clear career goals and creates a plan to achieve them. At Job Skills, he coordinates Facilitation Services for the Employment Ontario full-suite Employment Services Centres located at Job Skills in Keswick, Brampton and Markham.

Summer jobs are more than just earning a few dollars and keeping busy over the summer. They are the foundation of your resume once you graduate and seek your first full time job. They are also a great way to ''test drive'' potential careers and can sometimes be a key factor in getting selected in the post-secondary program of your choice.

Decide what you want from your summer job. Is your focus money for post-secondary education etc. or to gain valuable experience that will help you in your future career? If your primary focus is money, consider labour jobs such as landscaping, roofing and construction. If your focus is experience or test driving a particular career, target the companies that you want to work for and show your interest in that organization.

You face a lot of competition when looking for a summer job. Here are some tips to help:

  • Don't wait till you are out of school, look now! Many companies start their hiring as early as February. If you wait till June to look, it may be too late!
  • Decide what you want. It is easier if you are focused on one or two types of jobs.
  • 80 % of jobs are never advertised. Take your resume to the companies you want to work for.
  • Network with friends, their parents, teachers and volunteer. Always sound eager and ready to work.
  • A great resume makes the difference. Focus your resume on the type of work you want. Register with an Employment Ontario Employment Service Centre (find the nearest one here: ), where experts and a great resource centre can assist in your job search
  • Sign up for the Summer Jobs Service: 905-898-6199 and the Canada Summer Jobs Program 1-800-935-5555.
  • Think about starting your own summer company with the Summer Company program at

Above all, be aware of your skills, abilities and sell yourself!

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