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I Believe... Judith Seki, Manager, Newmarket Employment Resource Center, Aug 21,2008

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Judith Seki is the manager of the Newmarket Employment Resource Centre. She is a dynamic speaker who motivates and inspires clients to take control and play an active role in their futures.

that I will find a job! If you walk around with that kind of an empowering belief, the odds that someone will indeed hire you go way up. Your belief system has a huge impact on your future. We need to be very clear here, we are not talking about your morals, ethics, or religious beliefs. We are simply referring to those things that are true and accurate for YOU. They may not be true for anyone else in the entire world, yet if they are for you, then you behave based upon them. A belief guides your behaviour, and forces you to interact with others accordingly. Beliefs could be described as a strong conviction, a position, a stand, or a perspective. Incredibly, when we believe something, it happens. No, itís not magic. We simply begin to operate based on a deeper psychological level, which you donít even need to understand. Just believing it exists is enough to move you forward toward achieving your goal.

There are two basic kinds of beliefs: limiting and empowering. A limiting belief is anything that has you say ''I canít''. These types of beliefs will hold us back and stop us from achieving what we say we want in life. If you are currently looking for a career change and need to return to school for further training, yet have a belief that says ''Iím too old to go back to school.'' Then the likelihood of you attending school is very slim. We can actually sabotage our efforts. Other limiting beliefs would include ''Iím too young'', ''Nobody will hire me'', ''I donít know how'', ''Iím not good at...''. All of these examples will work on a sub conscious level to block our success.

On the positive side, we have empowering beliefs that help us move forward. Things like ''I can'', ''Iím in the prime of my life'', ''I can do anything I set my mind to'' ''Iím excellent at...'' will result in our making an attempt. At least we try, which is better than doing nothing at all. If that attempt didnít quite work, learn from it, do something a bit differently and try again. Step, by step, by step, we explore some of our potential and achieve what we want in life. If you believe that you can do somethingÖthen you can.
Is it that simple? is if you believe!