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Job Fairs - Follow Up (Part II) Jaime Watt, Client Service Representative, Newmarket Employment Resource Center

About the Author

Jaime Watt is a Client Service Representative at the Newmarket Employment Resource Center. Click here for more information.

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Now that the career fair is over it's time to sit back and wait for the phone calls to come in right? Wrong! Your work is not over quite yet. After the job fair you must follow up with the employer. The best way to do so is by writing a “follow up” or “thank you” letter to the recruiter you spoke with at the fair. Sending a thank you letter shows the employer that you appreciate their time, you have good manners, reiterates your interest in the position, demonstrates your writing skills, allows you to mention information you may have forgotten, or did not have time to mention at the fair, and leaves an opening for you to call the employer.

Follow this format when writing a follow up letter:

  1. Thank the recruiter for speaking with you at the fair on the specified date.

  2. State your qualifications and why they are suited for that position

  3. Mention what you learned about the company and why you would like to work for them (this should actually be what the company says are the benefits such as team environment, dedicated to the community etc)

  4. Tell the employer that you will call them within the next week to set up a time to meet and further discuss your qualifications (if you do this, make sure you call when you said you would)

Here's a sample:

987 Main ST
Anytown, ON
A2B 3C4

123 Inc.
1000 Street Ave
Anytown, ON
A1B 2C3

January 15, 2009

Dear Mr. Doe,

Thank you for taking the time to speak to me today at the ABC job fair. The office administrator position with 123 Inc. sounds even more exciting now after speaking with you.

As discussed I bring over 5 years experience in office administration. While at my current position I have been praised by my supervisors for my strong work ethic, excellent communication skills, and ability to work quickly in a fast paced environment. My strong organizational skills have allowed me to re-organize an office of 10 to become more efficient by creating new and innovative filing systems, re-arranging the supply room, and purchasing an in/out board to remind colleagues who is in the office during the day. All these changes help improve office efficiency and save the company 25% on its annual budget. I am sure that my skills and experience will do the same for 123 Inc.

The ABC job fair was quite busy and you had many other candidates interested in speaking with you. As our time was limited I would like to set up a time with you where we can further discuss how my skills will benefit 123 Inc. I will call you next week to set up a time when we can meet.

Thank you,
Jane Smith

Job Fairs are a fabulous event to take advantage of, and can get you the results you want if you handle them properly. By following the steps outlined in Parts I and II of this Job Fair series, and breaking them down into these smaller chunks, you can be very effective and make yourself memorable.

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