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Job hunting on the Internet - effective or not? Marian Bernard, Certified Professional Resume Writer

About the Author

Marian Bernard, CPS, CPRW, JCTC, CEIP is Principal of the Aurora-based Regency Group -- Canada’s only while-you-wait resume-writing service. She opened Regency in 1985, and has since become Ontario’s first Certified Professional Resume Writer and 1 of only 8 Certified Employment Interview Professionals in Canada. Log onto her web-site at or call her at 905-841-7120.

Technology has revamped our lifestyles. Nowadays, we take for granted that we can tap into the Internet to perform banking transactions, shop on line, download music and radio programs, order movie tickets, and even verify local weather forecasts.

Some job-seekers even believe that they can use the Internet to secure a job with very little effort. After all, according to folklore, you just need to upload your resume onto the Internet, sit back, and wait for the job offers to come pouring in.

The sobering fact is that only 2% of job-seekers achieve success on the Internet. Matthew Mariani of the American-based Occupational Outlook Quarterly states, "Regrettably, some of today's less-informed job seekers believe that using only the Internet for the job search [and not simultaneously tapping into other job search methods] is a nearly effortless process. ... Most of them wait a long, long time - often in vain. Even in the age of the Internet, a job search still requires hard work. Having a plan, using multiple search methods, and asking for help all increase the chances of success" for the job seeker.

The chart below outlines the Top 5 methods that job seekers use when looking for work. Compare this with the Top 5 methods that employers use in attracting qualified candidates.

Typical Job Searcher
  1. Reading newspaper and on-line ads
  2. Sending unsolicited resumes
  3. Contacting agencies and recruiters
  4. Cold-calling
  5. Networking

Typical Employer
  1. Networking
  2. Cold-calling
  3. Contacting agencies and recruiters
  4. Receiving unsolicited resumes
  5. Placing newspaper and on-line ads

Although web sites such as Fairy Lake Jobs ( make it easier for employers to advertise job openings online, over 60% of job opportunities are still uncovered through networking. Therefore, it makes sense for you - the job seeker - to organize your search according to "Typical Employer" mode. And ... if you do, you can realistically shorten your job search even further by using a mix of the above methods instead of relying on just one. After all, your goal is to land your next gig, and you now have some of the insider knowledge to do so!

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