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Make Your Resume Talk Sue Vanderwouw, Job Developer with Job Skills

About the Author

Sue Vanderwouw, Job Developer with Job Skills, has over 20 years experience in the employment industry and has seen many changes in hiring practices.

It is just words on a sheet of paper, however it is crucial for you to find a job and it is the first glimpse a potential employer has about who you are and what skills you have. Making your resume talk to that employer is the only way you will get noticed and get that face to face chance to sell yourself.

  • Highlight your skills according to the job posting. Yes, it means you have to change your resume time and time again. Keep in mind that you are trying to get noticed!
  • Use key words from the posting. Sometimes large companies will scan resumes into a data base and the person responsible for hiring will only do key word searches for resumes with particular skills.
  • Make your resume an easy read. Do not use flashy fonts and different fonts throughout the resume. Keep it professional looking and clear.

  • Apply for the job exactly as instructed. If the job posting ask you send it in a certain format, ensure that you do so. If it asks that you quote the job posting number make sure you do. If you don't follow the instructions, your resume could be one click away from the ''Deleted Items''.

  • Do not send a resume that reads like a novel. Resumes are meant to introduce you and highlight the skills and experience you have that match the job posting. Shorter is better, maximum two pages.

  • Proofread and proofread again. Nothing turns employers off more than spelling errors and poor grammar. If you are careless representing yourself, the employer will believe you will do the same on the job.

  • Seek help! Go to local employment agencies and have your resume reviewed by a professional, take their advice, it's free. Sign up for workshops that teach you how to enhance your resume and skills, and workshops that focuses on job search techniques.

  • Network your resume. Joining social networks is a great way to find out who is hiring and are an easy way to market your resume. Most jobs these days are filled by networking with different groups and agencies. The more leads and avenues you have into the job market, the quicker you will find employment.

Don't be afraid of change, open your mind to different ideas, one may help land you that job you are so desperately seeking.

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