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Preparing for a Job Interview RNC Employment Services Staff in Aurora

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RNC Employment Services is an Employment Assistance Centre funded by Employment Ontario, located at 236 Wellington St. East, 2nd Floor, Aurora, ON L4G 1J5. Click here to download the centre's electronic brochure with information about services that the centre offers to job seekers free of charge.

The interview process these days can be quite rigorous and is not to be taken lightly. Do not think it is possible to ''wing it'' at the interview; you will be unlikely to succeed. Outlined below is an overview of the interview preparation process.

First research the company thoroughly. Be ready to answer: ''What do you know about us?'' and ''Why do you want to work here?'' Also, prior to the interview, consider what things are important to you in a company - remember you will be assessing the company that interviews you.

Examine your interview wardrobe and evaluate your grooming. Are you business like and professional in your overall presentation and demeanor? Have your portfolio ready to go and review guidelines about body language, active listening, and communicating effectively with confidence and enthusiasm. Maintain a positive, upbeat attitude.

Polish your answers to typical interview questions –write out and then role-play what you want to say; Get feedback from a knowledgeable source. Videotaping a practice session is a valuable exercise.

Understand that interviews can involve many levels including psychological and aptitude testing, group interviews, panel interviews, and behavioral interviewing. Depending on your position, you can go to as many as five interviews before a job offer. As part of your pre-interview preparation, get examples ready from your work history to validate your core skills; this is especially important in behavioral interviewing.

It is important that you ask strong questions at the end of the interview and know how to close the interview in a memorable way so you will stand out from your competitors.

Follow up is imperative, never optional, and can take several forms. Think about composing a thank you letter to send within 24 hours and prepare a script for your follow up call.

The RNC Employment Services office in Aurora offers an in-depth Successful Interview Techniques workshop and also has a large selection of Interview DVDs for viewing. If you live outside of York Region, an employment resource centre serving your community may be able to provide similar resources. A ''Successful Interview Techniques'' workshop is offered by the RNC Employment Resource Centre to job seekers in York Region almost every week. You can pick up the Workshop Schedule at the centre.

The centre's brochure including full contact information can be downloaded by clicking here.

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