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Recession a Reason to Fear? Not Really... Louella Machado B.Com CHRP

About the Author

Louella is an HR Specialist who conducts one on one training and employment coaching. She is a Director at Alpha Employment Services Ltd. and is also involved in international recruitment with a focus on the Health Care Industry. You can email her at or visit the company website at

Recession -- we hear it all the time and may feel quite intimidated by it, even though it may not have hit us personally, its everywhere, in every conversation; We hear it in our workplace, in our homes and even at social events! But the good news is that it has been here before and we have dealt with it. Its just part of change, which is a constant, so lets just gear up to work with it today.

Firstly, we must enlarge our vision. We have to change our thinking before we change our living; Now how can we do that? Here is some food for thought:
  1. Accept Change as a Challenge: We cannot avoid it, We are a part of it so we have to build a strategy to deal with it.

  2. Focus on skill building: This is the best option as our skill set is ours to keep, ours to develop and the best part is we develop it all the time, sometimes without even noticing that we are doing it. For eg. Learning to get along at home, thatís a team game right there: master it. We can build skills like time management, financial management, decision making wherever we are... Isn't that great news! Soft skills are very important for success in the workplace. We do not need to invest in expensive training to acquire or build these skills.

  3. Focus on New jobs: Jobs have changed with the change in the market. The old ones are out but there are new opportunities everywhere. Do not expect to stay in the same job for any extended period of time. Thatís just not the way things work any more! ME Inc.: Yes thatís it, market your self, keep skills marketable at all times.

  4. Focus on New Resumes: The importance of this can never be over stated. However, resumes are still sent out without cover letters, resumes are still just printed and sent without proper review and updating. Remember to review resumes and update skills and achievements to stay marketable.

  5. Focus on Networking: Another great resource that we rarely use to potential. Use all contacts to market, to discuss options and share while socializing.

  6. Focus on Work-Life Balance: This is as important as any of the above. Make sure diet, exercise, rest and relaxation are included in your action plan.

So start today: accept the challenge of change, change your vision, work on your options... And opt to stay on top: market ME Inc.

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