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The ReNEW program can help re-start your career Lesley Deugo, York Region Learning Connections

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Lesley Deugo is a Youth Outreach Worker for YorkYouth and Discover, at York Region Learning Connections in Richmond Hill. YorkYouth is a youth employment initiative delivered by the York Region District School Board, providing outreach and support in Southern York Region. For more information, visit

ReNEW is a free program delivered by the Career & Employment Programs of the York Region District School Board, designed to help unemployed people to re-enter the job market.

With several companies downsizing throughout Canada, many experienced workers are finding themselves out of work and out of date. One of these workers is Larry, a resident of Maple, Ontario, who was downsized after 20 years of loyal service and felt threatened in the current job market.

For many of these older adults re-entering today's job market, the idea of starting a job search can be intimidating. Whether it is what information to include on a resume or how to prepare for an interview, the information needed to effectively re-start a career can be hard to find. But if you ask participants of ReNEW, a re-employment service delivered by Employment Ontario and the York Region District School Board, starting down the road to re-employment is as easy as picking up a phone.

''The last resume I had was from 18 years ago,'' Larry exclaimed. ''I called ReNEW because I needed to regain my motivation so that I could enter the job market with new and different skills.''

During ReNEW, participants are provided with the support of employment advisors who offer one-on-one support, as well as group sessions, to inform individuals that are returning to work of the expectations of the current job market. Ranging from resume and cover letter assistance to mock interviews and networking sessions, participants gain a better understanding of themselves and how they can use their transferable skills to find a career that will suit their personal needs.

After 23 years of teaching, Julie W. of Thornhill, Ontario realized that she wanted to shift her career to better suit her changing lifestyle with her children moving away from home. Through ReNEW, Julie received the information and skills she needed to confidently approach her job search. With the support and encouragement of her instructors, Julie has recently found a position as a Program Coordinator for a non-profit organization supporting AIDS research.

''I began the ReNEW course feeling that I was completely unprepared to take on a job search, and was very anxious about preparing a resume,'' Julie said. ''But I learned what to expect and even had the opportunity to practice my new skills so I could be comfortable with my knowledge and confident in myself.''

The ReNEW Program is delivered by the Career & Employment Programs of the York Region District School Board and is offered at NO COST to you. For more information on the ReNEW program, call 1.866.992-9930 or visit

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