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Top five resume writing mistakes Marian Bernard, Certified Professional Resume Writer

About the Author

Marian Bernard, CPS, CPRW, JCTC, CEIP is Principal of the Aurora-based Regency Group -- Canada’s only while-you-wait resume-writing service. She opened Regency in 1985, and has since become Ontario’s first Certified Professional Resume Writer and 1 of only 8 Certified Employment Interview Professionals in Canada. Log onto her web-site at or call her at 905-841-7120.

  1. No goal or focus. Unless the job-seeker expressly states the kind of position they want, employers will most certainly toss a "general" resume into the garbage.

  2. Inconsistent formatting. Such a document is too "busy" to read and can prompt the employer to move on to another resume.

  3. No industry-specific keywords or phrases. Keywords play an integral role in two areas of the resume screening process: (1) the human element when resumes are screened for words and phrases that match the criteria for the job opening, and (2) the computer search where computers hunt for the data on resumes that match eligible words and phrases.

  4. No achievements. Hiring managers want to know what distinguishes one applicant from another. Although Candidates "A" and "B" could come from similar backgrounds, Candidate "B's" resume - packed with quantifiable examples of how he made a difference on the job - will push him ahead of his competitors.

  5. Grammatical inconsistencies and spelling errors. Many job-seekers have emigrated to Canada from other countries, and English is their adopted second language. Nevertheless, an employer wants to see a well-written resume - no matter where a job-seeker is born.

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