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Unemployed: Now what? Where Do I Start? What Can I Do? Denise Clarida, JobSkills

About the Author

Denise has over 14 years experience in Employment Counseling for individuals from the ages of 15 to 65 plus. Having been previously unemployed, Denise is able to assist clients in a caring, understanding and empathetic manner. Denise is currently an Employment Consultant at Job Skills in Keswick, Georgina, York Region. Denise is a resident of the area and, therefore, is able to relate well with the issues that face clients that reside in Northern York Region.

Losing a job can feel like the world is coming to an end, especially if you were in the job for a long time. If you are suddenly unemployed, whether fired or laid off, you could be feeling anger, embarrassment, disbelief or shame.

However, the idiom ''when one door closes and another one opens'' is still true. Changing jobs can give you the opportunity to re-evaluate your occupation. Maybe this is the opportunity to take that course or try a new career? If you are in receipt of Employment Insurance contact Service Canada or your closest Employment Ontario Service Centre for guidance.

This is the time to reflect with an Employment Consultant on your self-assessment, strengths and attributes and also to develop a new work objective, work on your resume and improve your networking skills.

No matter how angry you may feel, do not project negative comment towards your previous employer. It will only impact negatively on you. Your Employment Consultant can help you by talking about your anger and assisting you to move on.

Before you start your job search, consider your objective for the next job, re-write your resume and spend some time networking, so you can convey your image of a positive, competent employee, now ready to take on the world.

Employment Ontario Employment Services can help. They provide individualized support which can include:

  • An assessment of your skills and experience,

  • information about different careers and occupations,

  • local labour market, employment and training opportunities,

  • advice about and referral information to other community services and support.

  • Workshops on site to assist with your specific needs.

  • Learn about developing effective job search strategies.

Individualized assistance is provided to job seekers through the creation of an Employment Service Plan. This Plan may include activities such as career exploration, coaching and job development. Services are also available to those who simply want to access job search resources.

Depending on your particular employment needs and career goals, an Employment Consultant will support you to develop and set goals, assess your skills and interests, and prepare you for interviews and employment.

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