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Using a Business Card as a Networking Tool in Your Job Search RNC Employment Services Staff in Aurora

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RNC Employment Services is an Employment Assistance Centre funded by Employment Ontario, located at 236 Wellington St. East, 2nd Floor, Aurora, ON L4G 1J5. Click here to download the centre's electronic brochure with information about services that the centre offers to job seekers free of charge.

Today's networking cards are modeled after the old fashioned ''calling cards'' that people left behind when visiting friends and associates in times past. Developing a networking card in this modern era is still an excellent idea.

A networking card is business card size with your contact information and several key selling points or qualifications on the front. Keep in mind that the card should be representative of you when you are not present, so take some time to create a powerful one.

If you attend networking events it is wise to keep a supply handy in case you do make a contact that you wish to keep in touch with. Cards should always be in tiptop order - no ragged edges and are presented only after someone has requested it. Never handwrite changes on your card-simply create new ones.

Be willing to accept another person's card in return for yours, to assist them when possible. Upon receiving someone's card it is proper to take it and pause a moment to look at it. Keep it handy to glance at and refresh your memory as you chat.

Cards can be used in numerous other ways, for example: attach to an application form, send in your thank you letter after an interview, use as visual re-enforcement when making cold calls or before an interview, attach to a resume when sending, or give to your references as a quick skill summary.

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