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Using social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace as a job search strategy Samantha Timbers, Employment Facilitator, Newmarket Employment Resource Centre

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Samantha Timbers is an Employment Facilitator at the Newmarket Employment Resource Centre.
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If you are not familiar with Facebook and MySpace, they are internet social networking sites that allow you to connect and keep in touch with a wide variety of people. Is there perhaps an opportunity here to use them in your job search?

Ever heard the term ''It's not what you know, it's who you know''? For the most part that is true. Experts say that 80% of jobs are found through Networking. To network effectively you should begin by informing everyone you know that you are looking for a job. There are a number of strategies you can implement to ensure you are effectively getting the word out there and you should consider using all of them. So can Facebook and MySpace be another networking avenue?

If you have not joined Facebook and MySpace, now would be a good time: They are free to anyone. Once you have registered you can utilize many tools within Facebook and MySpace, such as using your ''wall'' to post the fact that you are looking for a job and include your job objective. Send out a message to all of your ''friends''. See what happens. Never assume you know who your friends know.

These are great websites to stay connected but you should also be safe and protect your private information when using Facebook and MySpace. Read over the privacy policy and make sure you change the privacy defaults to give only those you trust permission access your information. You can also block your name from being searched by a random individual ie. a potential employer.

Should an employer use Facebook or MySpace to investigate you as a potential candidate, as many do, what would they find? If you are going to use Facebook and MySpace be aware of the message you are sending.

To find out more about how to become a great networker and use as many tools as you can to get a job, attend our workshop ''Accessing the Hidden Job Market'' at the Newmarket Employment Resource centre. Call 905-952-0502 for more information.

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