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What Are Green Jobs and Where to Find Them? Denise Clarida, JobSkills

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Denise has over 14 years experience in Employment Counseling for individuals from the ages of 15 to 65 plus. Having been previously unemployed, Denise is able to assist clients in a caring, understanding and empathetic manner. Denise is currently an Employment Consultant at Job Skills in Keswick, Georgina, York Region. Denise is a resident of the area and, therefore, is able to relate well with the issues that face clients that reside in Northern York Region.

Green Jobs contribute to conserving and enhancing environmental quality and awareness. To join the green workforce, workers and job-seekers need specialized or re-directed skills that fit green-oriented fields. For example, a roof installer may become a solar installer or an electrician may become a building retrofitter.

Now is a great time for job-seekers to transition into new green jobs. They can build a sustainable career future, earn a decent living and save the planet. Here is list of resources for finding and learning about green employment opportunities in Canada:
Find environmentally friendly jobs or environmentally conscious employers. The listings cover many positions including coordinators, program managers, journalists, directors, engineers, biologists, educators, and social marketers. Users can post their resumes, connect with prospective employers, register for green job alerts and receive a wealth of information about the new trends in green work.
Employment in the growing Canadian green economy. The site also lists green events for those interested in networking with employers and workers in various industries. The site has job search tips for landing an environmentally-friendly job or creating a green oriented self-employment opportunity.
From the Environmental Careers Organization for those interested in green career development in Canada. The site provides with links to educational opportunities, schools with environmental programs and information on new trends in the green job market. Job-seekers can search a large listing of current jobs available, post a resume and find information for networking events across Canada. This site also offers a unique email service for career advisors and educators to receive relevant information on green career development.
Assists people to build their dream jobs in the growing Canadian green economy. There links to job search strategies, listings for green jobs and subscribe for e-mail notification about new jobs.

Eco Canada Environmental Careers Organization develops programs that help individuals find and build meaningful environmental careers through employment and career development resources; Provides employers with resources and tools to find and keep the best environmental professionals; Informs educators and government of employment trends to ensure the ongoing prosperity of this growing sector.

The green economy offers hope and opportunity for job-seekers who have lost employment. The constant increase in demand for workers indicates the need to invest time and effort in integrating a green focus and support a green shift. By doing so we not only help people and regenerate economies, but also help our planet.

As governments, groups and individuals around the world work to ease the impact of climate change on lives and planet, new environment-friendly policies, products and lifestyles are emerging. This worldwide environmental awareness is accelerating demand for new jobs, new practices and new skills. In fact, it is creating a new economy driven by an emerging workforce and green technologies.

The growing green economy has many sectors including green construction, renewable energy, recycling, and sustainability education, which are responding to the increasing demand for environmentally friendly products and services.

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