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Why use a networking card when job searching? Samantha Timbers, Employment Facilitator, Newmarket Employment Resource Centre

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Samantha Timbers is an Employment Facilitator at the Newmarket Employment Resource Centre.
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Job seekers are always asking me why they need a networking card. They often say ''it might work for someone else but I don't think it will work for me''. Anyone can use this tool to assist them with their job search, it does not matter what type of job you want.

Here is a simple example of how a networking card can be of help:

You find yourself at a BBQ and strike up a conversation with a friend of a friend. As the conversation progresses, the question comes up ''so what do you do?'' You could say ''I'm unemployed'', or you could say, ''I am looking at getting into a career as a ...'' They might then say (this did happen) that their brother in law is in the industry you are in and might be looking to hire someone. What do you do now? ... Give them your resume? Write your information on a cocktail napkin? Run around and find a pen?


You can pull out your networking card detailing your contact information and your key skills and hand it over to them. The friend of a friend can now put your card in their wallet and then give it to their brother-in-law. In addition, you would want to get the brother-in-laws phone number so you could give him a call. This demonstrates your professionalism, initiative and creativity.

Here is another example of how this can be used:

You go to the salon to get your hair cut. You have usually 1/2 - 1 hour to small talk. Why not bring up the fact you are currently between jobs and let him/her know what type of job you are looking for and show them your networking card. They may offer to pass it along if they hear of any positions, or give you a call if they see something you may be interested in. This technique worked for a recent client and he was referred to the hairdressers' brother and secured a job.

Developing a networking card takes no time at all and can be one of your most effective marketing tools. It is simple, easy and to the point.

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