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Work/Life Balance Is Not Just a Myth Scott Marshall, York Region Learning Connections, YorkYouth & Discover programs

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Scott Marshall works with the yorkyouth & Discover programs at York Region Learning Connections in Richmond Hill. The yorkyouth & Discover programs are youth employment initiatives delivered by the York Region District School Board providing job search assistance, career exploration, and support in Southern York Region. For more information please visit

Working too much is common among a lot of people with jobs in almost every field from finance to sales to labour. It may be that there’s just so much work that you feel compelled to work late hours just to get it done; or maybe there’s overtime available and the idea of some extra cash in your pocket sounds better than going home and watching TV; or it could be any other reason that you’re riding the midnight carousel. The end result from working too much is the same in any case; you get burned out, stressed, and overwhelmed.

All the extra time you spend working after hours takes away from your free time and all the other things you may do between working days and that can cause some serious stress. Take a few minutes or hours everyday and do something you enjoy whether it’s getting yourself organized, finishing projects around the house, enjoying a delicious meal, watching movies, playing/listening to music, or anything else that you enjoy. Small changes like this in your day can help lower your stress level and you end up feeling better at work too (I know it sounds like a lie, but believe me it can happen!!)

So how does this happen? There’s no time to begin with, how are we supposed to squeeze in a movie or a baseball game or something?!?! Well, basically you just do it!! There’s always time, it’s up to you to realize how important it is to take a few minutes a day for yourself.

So then what do you do when you’re looking for work?

Well, when you’re out of work it can seem like it’s the only thing on your mind. You want to know what you’re going to do, where you’re going to work, how you’re going to get a job, how you’re going to afford everything. There are so many questions running through your mind you’re just as overwhelmed as you would be if you were overworked.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is take a few breaths…ahhhhhhhhh, there we go. Now try to start thinking about setting some steps in place, some goals if you will, that will take you along your road back to employment.

Having a plan allows you to see your ultimate goal at the end and all the small parts you will accomplish to get there. Small steps are much easier to walk on and allow you to get that balance back.

Coming up with a plan can be difficult when you're stressed out. There are many services in York Region under the 'Employment Ontario' brand that are available to assist you in looking at all your options and making some sense out of everything. Seeking the aid of an Employment Advisor can be extremely useful in setting up your action plan and starting on your road to employment. Plus it’s free!!

For more information on services available in your area check out the Employment Ontario website or call the toll-free number 1.866.992.9930 to book yourself into a free information session on what’s available for you.

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