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Workplace Health Promotion Eunice Clarke, Employment Consultant, JobSkills

About the Author

Eunice is an Employment Consultant with Job Skills in Keswick. She has been with Job Skills since August, 2003. Eunice has a true passion and desire to see disadvantaged individuals excel in their job search. She has a very genuine, caring personality which many clients find comforting. She works with clients from various backgrounds with the ultimate goal of seeing them return to self-sufficiency. Eunice is also Health and Safety Representative and believes in overall health and wellness both personally and professionally.

Employees today are facing much higher levels of stress than ever before. The sad reality is that as fast as levels of stress are increasing, levels of fitness are steadily declining.

People in all positions and professions are expected to drive longer commutes, perform more tasks, devote more hours and endure more stress. An answer to this ever growing problem is found in workplace health promotion.

Workplace health promotion involves encouraging the overall well-being of all employees with an important focus on improving mental wellness.

They suffer an inability to concentrate, make unnecessary errors and exercise poor judgment. They may also experience bouts of depression which can lead to clinical depression if not diagnosed and treated in the early stages.

Stressed employees tend to be more irritable and less patient with each other which have obvious negative repercussions on any company.

Workplace Health Promotion and Fitness

Encouraging the physical health or fitness of employees is another important aspect of workplace health promotion. Employees who are overweight and eat poorly are often lethargic, unhealthy and prone to illness and accidents.

Workplace health promotion should include assisting all levels of employees to take care of themselves physically. Employees who are physically fit and eat properly will make better decisions, and experience a much lower rate of illness and accidents.

Employers who believe in workplace health promotion should also implement avenues to assist employees suffering from problems of abuse or addiction. Employees suffering from addictions often find that the negative effects on their personal lives eventually start to appear at their workplace.

They may want to provide resources that will help battered women or individuals suffering from anger management. Using workplace health promotion to help as many of your employees as possible to overcome their addictions will greatly benefit the entire company.

Workplace health promotion involves encouraging both the mental health of your employees as well as their physical health. There is a direct correlation between physical and mental health and companies are starting to realize the importance of encouraging the overall well-being of their employees.

It is never too late to incorporate workplace health promotion as one of your company’s goals. Employers need to remember that healthy, happy employees are much more productive employees.

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